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When it comes to keeping your house secure, most people just focus on keeping their locks properly. While that is an essential part of home security, many people forget that window lock are also your first line of defense. For a burglar entering by door is too risky since there are alarms and strong locks on the door. He will most likely enter by a window because many people forget to lock their windows properly. An unlocked window is like sending out an invitation to a burglar and a window lock that cannot be seen easily will the send same message to a burglar. If you want to keep your secure in all corners you need to make sure your windows are properly and visibly locked. Window locks that can be seen easily are your best choice for better home security. It will prevent burglars from attempting anything once they see that your windows are secured.

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Window locks for old homes

In older the windows don’t have any locks at all. If you have this problem you can easily get them retrofitted with central catch that can be locked to make the older widows more secure. You add more security to it by adding a sash stop. A sash stop used a steel bolt that is secured by a key. If you add a sash stop an intruder will not be able to force the window open. If you are worried this will stop ventilation then you needn’t worry because the window can be left open a few inches even with a sash stop.

Louvre windows

These windows are popular because of the style and grace they offer. However, no matter how stylish they are you cannot overlook the safety factor of these windows. The glass panels of the Louvre windows can be easily slid out of place by an intruder or burglar. To prevent this from happening you will need to use a two part epoxy resin. This will fix the glass panels into place so no one can slide them out of place. You can also improve safety offered by these windows by getting a special Louvre lock.

Sliding windows

If your house has sliding windows you need to look at something other than the lock as well. For sliding widows you need to make sure that the panels of the windows cannot be simply lifted out of the frame or this would make the job of a burglar very easy. The standard latch system is what comes with most of the modern sliding windows. But you improve on these windows’ security by adding sash stop and clamps to make them more secure to their frame.

Casement windows

These kind of windows are hinged on side and have a lock on the other side. The most commonly have some sort of latch but for better protection you should get key locking bolts for these windows.