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Whether you reside alone, with your kids and loved ones or with other people, increasing the level of your apartment’s security is a vital step in making sure you and your loved ones feel safe at home all the time. At Handle Sets Beverly Hills, we believe that not all residential and commercial grade locks have to be purchased at exorbitant prices in order to provide you with the need security and peace of mind. There are quite a number of inexpensive methods that can be used to improve the security of your home, offices and other business locations; and one of such methods includes the installation of inexpensive, durable and top quality handle sets. When it comes to installing, replacing or repairing handles sets in Beverly Hills, our highly experienced and well trained locksmiths know how to perfectly install handle set locks and also provide other handle set related services whenever you need them. We can conveniently furnish you with superior quality services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all through the year. Call us today on (424) 672-1009 for any handle set installation service in Beverly Hills and its surrounding areas.


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From our years of experience installing and repairing handle set locks for our numerous clients, we at Handle Sets Beverly Hills have come to realize that handle set locks serve as a low cost and affordable means to improve your homes security. As such, we always advise our clients to always make use of the handle set the locks at all times. Though this may appear to be basic advice that everyone should stick to, but experience has shown us that it’s something too many people tend to overlook. Handle sets are quite easy to use and do not require an intricate procedure to latch them.

Traditional handle sets come with a bolt or spindle running through it and rests slightly above a cylinder, to which the spindle is connected. The turning motion of the door knob pulls the cylinder in the direction to which it is being turned. Attached to the end of the cylinder is a latch bolt which juts into a space carved in the door frame, and prevents the door from being opened the knob has not turned. A spring within the handle set lock causes the latch to return to its former position whenever the knob is not being turned.

At Handle Sets Beverly Hills, we have all the relevant installations tools and handle set repair equipments to deliver the best handle set locksmith service in Beverly Hills you can bargain for. One of the amazing benefits of hiring one of our certified, licensed and legally bonded handle set installation specialist is that you get to enjoy quality at budget friendly prices. With us, you are guaranteed 42 hour service at the best rates in the industry. Save our number on your speed dial or call us today on (424)672-1009 if you desire a top rated locksmith company in Beverly Hills at your doorstep with any handle sat service you require.