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Lever door locks are the recognized standard lock set recommended for offices and commercial buildings not only in the amazing city of Beverly Hills, but all over the United States as well. Many commercial building and offices in the city are beginning to replace their knob door locks with high quality lever locks so they can enjoy maximum security for themselves and their business all year round. If you are a facility manager or shop owner yet to join this trend in the world of security; then you need to contact an experienced and reliable locksmith company in Beverly Hills to provide you with a full upgrade of your commercial security system; including the installation of new lever locks in your offices.

Lever Locks Beverly Hills is among the top locksmith companies in Beverly Hills has can furnish you with first rate locksmith services 24 hours a day and & days a week. We are professionals in all areas of the locksmith business ranging from providing comprehensive security systems for our clients to lock rekeying, panic bar installation, emergency lockouts, residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services, as well as repair and replacement of lever locks in Beverly Hills and other surrounding cities.

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At Lever Locks Beverly Hills, we provide our unique, low priced and highly affordable services for the residents and business owners in cities such as Camarillo, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Valley Nuys, and many other cities in the country. Our licensed and legally bonded locksmith technicians and lever locks experts are among the best in the industry who continually work alongside the relevant regulatory authorities and security agencies in the city to make sure we provide qualitative services to our clients all year round. Call Lever Locks Beverly Hills today on (424) 672-1009 for a chat with our in-house security experts about your lever lock installation request today.

Recorded increase in the use of Lever locks by many offices and commercial facilities came as a result of the ADA laws and regulations that had to be integrated all commercial buildings in the country. Lever locks are activated by pulling down on or pushing the handle of the door, which then turns and releases the latch, causing the door. They are typically designed to accommodate different kind of lock cylinders and have over the years been upgraded to include push button, electronic access control and biometric packages as well.

The handles of lever locks most times possess several challenges for manufacturers. When doors that have been fitted with lever locks are closed, the handles become stiff and the internal lever mechanism may become damaged or break off completely if pushed down too hard. As a result of this, most commercial lever locks installed by our locksmiths in Beverly Hills meet the desired ANSI Grade 1 specifications. If you are keen on learning more about how lever locks work or how their installation is carried out by our professional lever lock experts, then contact Lever Locks Beverly Hills on (424)672-1009 and watch us deliver in style.