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“I think I have lost my keys” these words are the sound of ultimate disaster; of ultimate despair and sheer panic. Yes you might hear these words often but what would you do if you yourself are speaking them? What will you do when you discover that you’ve lost your keys and don’t even have a spare set for emergency situations? And what if the keys lost in question are the ones belonging to your car? What do you do except panicking right there and then!

Rest assured because there is an easy way out. No it doesn’t involve the usual coat hanger trick. But even if you have the old traditional lock system in your car, the trick won’t work because you don’t have a spare set of keys and you need keys to drive. So don’t take any unnecessary steps in haste and end up spoiling the work for. Just call an emergency auto locksmith for help and tell them you have lost your car keys and need replacement right away. And that’s about it.

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Calling an auto locksmith for help will solve the entire messy situation for you. The Allover Locksmith will arrive with his necessary tools and equipment and get you a replacement key made there and then. Even if your car has the new advanced chip locks or fobs, a reputable locksmith will be able to reprogram the chip for you and get you going. Auto locksmiths today have become advanced and carry laptops along which allow them to reprogram microchip and transponder keys that all latest car models seem to be having lately.

The number of auto locksmith scams is increasing day by day so it’s essential that you be very careful when calling an emergency auto locksmith for help. Check for the credentials of the company online through your smart phone and ask for license if you cannot find it on the website. Also always ask for a quote. And remember that reputable locksmith companies will not ask you for cash payment. Make sure you thoroughly check the company before revealing your location to them. Don’t jeopardize the security of your vehicle and your own safety by calling any scammer for help.

Remember a car’s lock mechanism is very different from a door’s. So even if you have forgotten your keys inside your car, opening them with any stupid trick will lead you in more trouble than what you expect. You will have to eventually pay up for getting the lock that you picked fixed and it might cost you much more than getting a replacement key made. Therefore rather than destroying the entire situation yourself, it is a good idea if you can call an auto locksmith for help and asks them to get the job done for you.

So the next time you discover you’ve lost your keys without a spare set, don’t panic and simply dial up an emergency locksmith to come and help you out.